Friday, 19 March 2010

I was inspired by many adverts/health warnings, particularly this graphic image about chest pain from the BHF.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

This like all the posts this week physically show a danger to smoking/drinking/drug use. The knife in this image resembles the harmful chemicals going down J's throat. The knife is balanced up against his neck and it's almost as if he is aware of the danger.

This is a self portrait that I took. The idea is supposed to be that smoking harms others and not just yourself, the teddy bear is supposed to resemble a child.

Kai and Becca have posed for me for this image - the idea is meant to be that Kai is a ghostly demon who is slowly killing Becca because she is smoking. The idea was inspired by this cartoon drawing that I saw on the internet.
I have not changed Kai's hands as I want it to seem more real and the hands are showing the physical element (smoking chokes you/ruins your lungs.

This photo is of a person who has crashed their car whilst drink driving, it is meant to show the harmful side of a legal drug.
This image is supposed to show the dangers of taking drugs, like all my photos this week. This is the only one for the week that clearly shows what happens when you take drugs; the others are not so obvious and you have to look into their meaning but this is clear.
The model is my brother and the image was taken on my Olympus E-500. The levels have been slightly altered in Photoshop.